Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Cake-ology

Austin Granados shares his bold take on flavour and passion for pastries.

For two years running the team at Cake-ology has taken home the title of Hot Beverage Week winner and warmed the hearts of Winnipeggers.  No stranger to sweetness, their sips come second only to their beautiful pastries and desserts.  At the helm is Chef Austin Granados, who brings unique and storied experiences to this Exchange District shop.

Chef Austin Granados began his culinary journey at one of the top Culinary Arts schools in Vancouver. It was there that he fell in love with baking, and completed both the Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry Arts programs.

A learner at heart, his education continued when Austin moved to New York to work with Dominique Ansel, inventor of the highly-coveted cronut – a delicious cross between a donut and a croissant. A few years later Austin went to Hong Kong to work with Chef Vicky Chen and Pastry Chef Karys Logue at the Michelin-star-rated Vea. He cites these experiences as an immense honour and privilege.

When he came back to Winnipeg during the pandemic, the opportunity to take over Cake-ology was too good to pass up. The shop re-opened on May 1, 2021, and it has been building momentum ever since.

Cake-ology stands out in its commitment to making everything in-house, from scratch, and using local ingredients.  You can taste the difference with that attention to detail- and customers and reviewers agree.

Under Austin, Cake-logy has become an award-winning pastry and dessert stop.  They’ve built a reputation for the flakiest pastry in town – and if you head there on a Friday then prepare to wait in line to get yourself something sweet.  It’s clear that Winnipegers cannot get enough of Cake-ology’s consistently rotating offerings.

When asked about his goals for the shop Austin shared he wants to expand Winnipeg’s flavours and help change the perspective of Western palates.  You can see in his work that he is up for the challenge, and is constantly experimenting with new pastries, desserts and flavours.

We also have Austin to thank for bringing Kougin Amann (pronounced ‘Koong-yah-MAHN’) to Winnipeg for the first time. This pastry originated in Brittany, a region in France, and translates to ‘butter cake’. It features a laminated dough and layers of incorporated sugar and butter which give it a wonderful flakiness. At Cake-ology they make Kougin Amann in-house daily and rotate flavours each week.

Austin’s recipe for success is the distinct passion that he brings to his craft.  We know he’ll succeed in his mission to keep pushing flavour boundaries and offering Winnipeggers something special.

You can find Cake-ology at 85 Arthur St in the Exchange District, or check out their menu online here.