Member Services

Every for-profit business located within a BIZ is automatically a contributing member by virtue of paying a special levy which is collected by the City of Winnipeg along with other business taxes each spring. The Exchange District BIZ is the third largest operating BIZ in the City.

The role of the BIZ, a non-profit organization, is to bring local businesses together to promote the area, to improve the District’s physical appearance, to support events that attract people to the community, and to play an advocacy role for local business on issues of common concern.


The Exchange Patrol handles all issues and concerns pertaining to safety, panhandling or any unusual or nuisance behaviour in the neighbourhood. They are trained in mediation, conflict resolution and first aid. Easily identified by their black and blue uniforms, the Exchange Patrol is at your service if you need a safe walk and also offers safety presentations to anyone in the area to give the information needed to feel safe and comfortable here. Presentations include a general overview of what the Exchange Patrol does, what to expect in the area, and information on the safe walk program. To schedule a safety presentation, email


Over 70 bins are located throughout the 20 square blocks of The Exchange which are cleaned out daily by the Exchange maintenance team. To date, the Exchange District BIZ has recovered more than 170,000 pounds of recyclable products. For more information on recycling (event recycling, office recycling or on-street recycling) give us a call at 204-330-8010 or email

A special thank you to the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association and their program Recycle Everywhere for making this possible.


The Exchange BIZ offers a free year-round graffiti removal service. We make every effort to respect and preserve the character of over 150 heritage buildings. In order for the Exchange District BIZ to remove graffiti, all businesses and residents must sign a waiver form which gives the BIZ permission to remove tags from their property. If your property is tagged, let us know know and send your signed waiver to to have our team come remove it.


In addition to graffiti and recycling removal, the maintenance crew also performs the following:

  • Litter pick-up and removal
  • Seasonal snow removal
  • Seasonal flower planting and watering
  • Special event support

A special thank you to the province’s Urban Green Team program for their assistance in creating the Exchange District BIZ Clean Team during the summer months.

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