Board of Directors

The Exchange District BIZ management board is comprised of up to 12 elected members from Exchange District businesses and one City Council appointee, whom oversee the operation of the BIZ.

Directors are elected to the Board at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is typically held in each autumn. The yearly programming structure and operating budget are subject to approval by the BIZ members at the AGM and then City Council.

The Exchange District BIZ volunteer Board members represent a wide range of business activity in the area, from large corporations to small owner-operated enterprises. The BIZ also welcomes input from other area stakeholders, including arts and cultural organizations, educational institutions and residents, to strengthen the core of people cooperating to promote and improve the Exchange.

Board of Directors

Mary Agnes Welch (Chair) – Probe Research

Jessica Willis (Vice Chair) – Summit Search Group

Brock Coutts (Treasurer) – Patent 5 Distillery

Ronald Sarran (Secretary) – Paradigm Consulting Group

Councilor Vivian Santos – City of Winnipeg

Charles Roy – Taylor McCaffrey LLP

Pauline Boldt – 26 Projects

Jennifer Goreski – UN Luggage

Glen Murray – Emerge Knowledge Design

Mark Turner – Amsterdam Tea Room

Matthew Sabourin – Nonsuch Brewery Co.

Desiree Theriault – Narratives Inc.

Roger Miranda – Evident IT

Martin Pasieczka (non-voting) – Appointed City of Winnipeg Representative