Exchange Patrol

The Exchange Patrol is here for you whether you're a tourist, visitor, resident or business owner.

The Exchange Patrol handles all issues and concerns pertaining to safety, panhandling or any unusual or nuisance behaviour. They are trained in mediation, conflict resolution and first aid. Easily identified by their black and blue uniforms, the Exchange Patrol act as the eyes and ears for the Winnipeg Police Service and as the street-level ambassadors for the Exchange District National Historic Site. The Exchange Patrol is also at your service if you need a safe walk.

Patrol Hours:

Patrols are generally on duty the following dates and times:

Monday: 8am-4pm
Tuesday to Saturday: 8am-12am
*No patrol on Sunday or holidays.

Important Numbers:

Exchange Patrol: 204-791-3161
Police Emergency: 911
Police Non-Emergency: 204-986-6222
Winnipeg Fire Paramedics Non-Emergency: 204-986-6336

Exchange Patrol Supporters and Contributors: Winnipeg Parking Authority, Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation, Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre MTC, Harvard Property Management Inc., ArtSpace, Red River College, Impark, Centre Venture Development Corporation & MPN Holdings.