Cre8ery Gallery: A Launching Pad for Local Artists

When Jordan Miller graduated art school several years ago, she struggled to find a studio that gave a platform to new grads. Now, as the owner of Cre8ery, she gives young and mature artists alike the opportunity to shine.

When Jordan Miller, Executive Director for Cre8ery Gallery, graduated high school she figured she’d go into education. With educator parents and a sister who was also a teacher at the time, it seemed like a no-brainer. “My parents said, ‘absolutely not – you’re going into fine arts!’”, she reminisces with a smile. 

It’s not often that parents will push their children into a career in the arts, as many artists will understand that it is not a path for the faint of heart. But Jordan’s parents knew their child well, and in retrospect she is so glad they pushed her into this field. 

As far back as she can remember, art held a special place in Jordan’s heart. “My grandmother influenced my love for the arts from a very early age. When I was a child she would take me to the symphony, the opera and the museum.” When Jordan was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, her love for art deepened. “It was a tool for me to relax my body and control my blood sugar levels when I became hyperglycemic.”

Upon graduating university, Jordan quickly learned that it was hard for new art grads to find their footing in this city. “I was looking for a place to show and sell my art, but there was nothing out there for new grads.” As such, Jordan and a few other new grads decided to open an art studio to give a platform to young artists. The studio was called Outworks Gallery and it became a second home for Jordan until she branched off on her own and started Cre8ery Gallery in 2007.

Since opening 15 years ago, Cre8ery Gallery has housed the works of hundreds of local artists, many of whom were recent grads who were needing a launching pad like Jordan several years earlier. “’Cre8ery Gallery is a start-up space for many artists,” Jordan explains. “In fact, many artists who started here have went on to become very successful.”

While the pandemic was certainly hard for Jordan and her business, she did see an uptick in the number of commissions that would go out (likely due to many people feeling compelled to spruce up their at-home offices). “I’m very thankful for the commissions as they help me to survive.”

For those who want to support Cre8ery Gallery and the local artists that it supports, one can consider commissioning a painting or purchasing a membership which costs only $45. “A membership is one of the best ways to keep this place open and to support this incredible artists,” explains Jordan. Cre8ery has new art almost every week with exhibitions changing bi-weekly, open Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 5pm.