Bevvy Teyems — Adding colour and creativity to the Exchange District and our homes

To Bevvy, there is something magical about the space created around art that enhances communication from the artist’s heart to ours.

For as long as Lizzy – AKA Bevvy – can remember, she has loved creating. A poet, songwriter and musician who has played in several bands spanning multiple genres, Bevvy always pictured a life where she could create. “My life has to revolve around what I love,” explains Bevvy. “If it’s not, I feel that I’m not truly living.”

Though a young Bevvy may have not dreamt that she would one day be the owner of a custom framing shop in the Exchange District, her current role is a melting pot of all the thing she imagined she would do when she was young “I wanted to be a mom, a painter, a photographer, an interior designer and a home builder,” she laughs. “It’s wild to me that I essentially get to do all of that with framing.”

Bevvy officially opened her custom framing shop, Bevvy Teyems, in October 2021 – nearly a decade after she was trained in the delicate and meticulous art of custom framing. Described by her loyal clients as a “rare creative genius,” Bevvy offers high quality materials to her clients in order to preserve and protect their pieces. Her services include: preservation & archival framing, vintage & antique recycling, framing needlework & beadwork, canvas stretching & framing, and custom corporate framing (just to name a few).

“I get to work with photographers and nurture these pieces that come in and pour my heart into them as if they’re my children.” Bevvy also has the honour of helping her clients create beautiful homes by contributing to the interior design process. 

In addition to being a creative genius, Bevvy is a passionate dreamer. And with one big life goal checked off, she has many more goals to check off in the future. “For one, I hope to continue to foster the art community and create a ‘home’ for people to come to create and be inspired.”

When it is safe to do so, Bevvy plans to host music nights at her shop. Until then, she is proudly hosting rotating art shows for local makers to do pop-ups. For any makers who are interested in these rotating vendor positions, head to Bevvy’s website to apply (

Thank you brightening up the Exchange District, Bevvy!