Unearth Your Creative Self at Seduta Art on Arthur Street

The team at Seduta Art believes that each individual is gifted with a beautiful mind, and they hope to empower others by creating an inviting space where Winnipeggers can unearth their creative selves.

“Seduta” is an Italian word meaning to sit or observe, the latter of which one will surely be inspired to do as they walk through the quaint and colourful Seduta Art. Located in a charming 20th-century building at 91 Arthur Street, Seduta Art is bursting at the seams with all of the art, crafts and supplies that a current or would-be creative could ever dream of. 

Owners Sholeth and Paul always knew they wanted to open a business together, and their idea took its final form when they were walking through the Exchange District in 2021 and stumbled upon a building that was up for rent. “We called the owner the next day and told them that we would love to own the space.” And, just like that, Seduta Art was born.

Arranged ever so carefully in a space that is laden with lively plants and bold art, Setuda Art is filled with fine art supplies, stationary, beads, drawing pads, knitting supplies and divine Japanese paper, among many other things. It’s truly a place where creative dreams are made.

“As artists ourselves, we realized that artists in the area didn’t have their materials easily accessible to them,” explains Sholeth. As such, Sholeth and Paul aim to make a wide range of tools and materials available to anyone and everyone in the Exchange.

Whether one is a seasoned artist or someone who hasn’t touched a paint brush since junior high, Sholeth and Paul want everyone to feel welcome. “This is an inclusive, safe space for everyone in the community where people can come in and feel they can be their authentic selves.”

Those in the community have been just as welcoming to Sholeth and Paul in return. Since the day the Seduta Art doors opened in September of 2021, community members have been nothing but supportive of the two young entrepreneurs. “We couldn’t imagine opening this art store in any other city. Operating in Winnipeg has been an absolute joy.” 

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