Meet Bunnii, the Exchange District’s newest tech startup

The on-demand delivery app is the latest project from the group behind TappCar and The Half Circle.

TappCar, an Exchange District-based ride share service, is growing its team and diversifying its revenue stream by “tapping” into on-demand delivery with its newest venture Bunnii. It’s a welcome addition to the neighbourhood, contributing to the Exchange’s growing reputation as the Prairies’ tech hub.

What sets Bunnii apart from other delivery apps is not just its focus on retail—the first of its kind in Canada—but its affordability. 

“Bunnii gives retailers a chance to participate in the on-demand market without any disruptive business costs,” explains Bernice Sharples, Vice President of Communications and Marketing.

It doesn’t take sales commission from its merchants, making it a viable option for small businesses that can’t afford the financial burden often associated with the use of popular delivery services. 

The app’s innovative business-first model also means that every transaction goes directly to the merchant. For customers, the cost remains low too, with service fees under $6 to have instant delivery from their favourite retailers. Customers can rest easy knowing that the business doesn’t lose money to high commission fees. It’s a compromise-free way to support local and enjoy the luxury of instant gratification. 

“Bunnii gives the opportunity for local businesses to quickly and easily have an online presence with their customer-base,” shares Sharples. “It’s a real weapon for local retailers to compete with the online market, and giants like Amazon and Shopify.”

This has become a necessity for many business owners during the pandemic, even prompting the Manitoba government to launch an initiative to support businesses struggling with the added costs of pivoting operations to e-commerce to stay relevant. With Bunnii, merchants simply sign up for the service and upload a product menu before going live.

The team says demand for delivery is high, and they don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

And unlike food delivery apps, Bunnii is not constrained by delivery zones, but gives customers control of the market. Delivery fees are based on mileage, equating to around $1 per km. 

Bunnii is starting off by partnering with high in demand spirit, wine and beer retailers, with plans to quickly expand into categories that include florists, boutiques and specialty food shops. 

“There’s really no end to what we can offer.” 

Bunnii is now available on iOS for iPhone, the Google Play store for Android, and online.