Colosimo Coffee Roasters: More than Just a Cup of Joe

Jason Colosimo, founder of Colosimo Coffee Roasters, is adamant that a cup of coffee should be exciting. From your exchange with the barista, to the first sip of your flavourful cup, Colosimo Coffee promises a top-notch experience that will brighten your day.

The smell of freshly brewed, full-flavoured coffee is enough to wake a customer up before they even have a sip of their Colosimo coffee. Brewed in Canada with Direct Trade Coffee beans that are grown with care in South America and Asia, every cup of quality coffee promises an exciting flavour profile that is sure to transport you to a warm and peaceful place.

“We are obsessed with the endless pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee.”

Jason Colosimo, founder of Colosimo Coffee Roasters, first became consumed with the café culture while living in Calgary. Upon returning to Winnipeg, he decided that he wanted to bring this unique culture to Winnipeg’s corporate world. “Everyone I spoke to who worked in an office told me that their company’s free coffee was horrible.” So like a true entrepreneur, Jason created a solution. Launching A.M Coffee Services in 1997, Jason began to provide beans and brewing equipment to offices across the city.

Recently, Jason has taken the business to another level by renaming and opening up their own brick-and-mortar coffee shop. “We wanted to have our own voice on the street.” Jason’s plans were accelerated when the pandemic reduced his business substantially in office settings. “We had to find a way to get our coffee to the people who were now working from home.”

Jason’s pivoting proved to be successful as Colosimo Coffee Roasters has done well in the Exchange. The café strives to provide an experience that goes beyond an excellent cup of coffee. “The experience begins as soon as you enter the café and start interacting with your barista.” The passion of the owner and his employees is as exhilarating as a cup of fresh coffee.

So how does Jason Colosimo take his own coffee? “Black for my drip. Recently I’ve been using an Aeropress to make my coffee, but the Italian in me still loves using a moka pot.”