Introducing the Exchange District Cooking Club

Interactive cooking show brings flavours of the Exchange District to your home.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work alongside your favourite chef? Now you can learn the secrets of Exchange District chefs, right in your own kitchen.

The Exchange District Cooking Club is an interactive virtual cooking show and meal kit series beginning in January and it’s on sale now.

With your purchase, you’ll receive a meal kit with all the ingredients you need to prepare the featured dish — and exclusive access to a participatory Sunday Dinner cooking show hosted by Chef Pam Kirkpatrick. She’ll interview the guest chef and ask your questions while you prepare the dish together, step by step.

Chef Pam Kirkpatrick

While the pandemic has been difficult for the industry, people remain resilient, said Kirkpatrick. And if there is a bright side to be found, it’s in opportunities like the Cooking Club, providing exclusive access to your favourite chefs.

They’ve missed you. “I’m missing the people,” said Kirkpatrick. “Coworkers, guests, the sound of happy conversations and laughter. The season feels so different this year without the escape of being treated to a dinner out.”

While we might miss the distinctive vibe of a night out in the Exchange District, you can still make it memorable, she said.

“This is a great opportunity to set the stage at home for a fun event night. Make sure to get some fancy beverages, light some candles and dig through all your plateware to find those perfect Instagramable pieces to show off your hard work.”

Volume One, features four episodes and kicks off on January 17th with learning how to make a true Exchange District Classic, a plate of Butter Chicken from The King’s Head Pub— a top secret recipe.

“These recipes are authentic…like generational recipes” says King’s Head owner Chris Graves. “These recipes are kept in a vault (that is no joke…the real deal). So whomever buys this package will be learning some of the KH secrets…that is basically priceless.”

Volume One: Jan 17th to Feb 7th

Episode 1 (January 17th):
Authentic Butter Chicken (authentic, top-secret, generational recipe) with Chris Graves from the King’s Head Pub

Episode 2 (January 24th):
Pasta Party; dough, fillings, and sauces with Chef Sean McKay of The Mitchell Block

Episode 3 (January 31st):
Two varieties of Argentinian style empanadas and chimichurri with Corrientes’ Chef Alfonso Maury

Episode 4 (February 7th):
Hutspot Dumplings, with sauteed kale, purple sauerkraut  and cashew cream sauce with Amsterdam Tea Room’s Chef Aron Epp

Following Episode 1 will be pasta with The Mitchell Block, Argentinian empanadas with Corrientes and Hutspot Dumplings with the Amsterdam Tea Room.

While home cooks might not have the tricked-out kitchens of our Cooking Club chefs, it is possible to make do with what you have at home, said Kirkpatrick. “Restaurant kitchens have an excessive amount of bowls, dishcloths and a dishwasher… the human kind,” she said, but the class will be well adapted to your home set-up.

“Staging out your mise en place is crucial to putting together beautiful dishes,” said Kirkpatrick. “Staying clean, neat and tidy in your workspace is key, especially at home where counter space isn’t always available.”

There’s no better time to learn the tricks of the trade and find a new way to connect the people, food —- and chefs— you love, she said.

“With everyone at home in the evenings and on the weekends, and with most or all extracurricular activities on hold, it’s a great time to pick up a new skill. We can still feel connected to people while staying safe at home. Looking forward to an event feels good!”

And when we can gather in joyous groups of friends and family in the future, you will be set to impress with the new dishes you’ve mastered. “It’s a wonderful time to learn.”

Tickets are limited and available now.