Central Winnipeg Bike loop

A 10K bike-friendly path that connects and highlights bike routes in seven central Winnipeg neighbourhoods.

Winnipeggers can now enjoy the city’s central neighbourhoods by bike in an easy, cohesive experience with the launch of the Central Winnipeg Bike Loop, a collaboration by Business Improvement Zones in Winnipeg.

BIZs in central Winnipeg have come together to create the Central Winnipeg Bike Loop, a 10K bike-friendly path that connects and highlights bike routes in seven central Winnipeg neighbourhoods.  The project is a partnership between the Downtown Winnipeg, Exchange District, Norwood Grove, Osborne, Provencher, West Broadway and West End BIZs.

The Winnipeg Central Loop connects the neighbourhoods through clearly-marked, easy-to-navigate signs that will guide cyclists and invite Winnipeggers to venture from their communities to connect to other neighbourhoods. The Winnipeg Central Loop is designed for easy navigation and optimized for local discovery and exploration.

While the entire loop can be completed in about 45 minutes at a leisurely pace, the loop is designed to encourage people to stop and discover the many urban parks, landmarks and other attractions along the way, while supporting local businesses.

“There’s this renewed sense of local discovery both here and in other cities across North America,” says David Pensato, Executive Director of the Exchange District BIZ. “Together with a huge boost in cycling for both transportation and recreation, we saw this as a way to get people out and exploring what Winnipeg’s urban neighbourhoods have to offer. It’s a safe 10 minute bike ride from the Exchange to St Boniface, the West End, Osborne Village and more– the routes aren’t always obvious if you haven’t done it a few times, so we think this is one way to get past that barrier.” 

Whether you already cycle, or are new to cycling – this route is designed for all folks to venture out and discover the very best of all our neighbourhoods. We can’t wait to see you out on the #centralwpgloop!

All photos by April Carandang.