Getting into the Fringe Spirit

The Winnipeg Fringe Festival brings creativity, colour, and theatrics into the Exchange District every summer throughout this incredible 10-day festival and this year we decided to join in the fun! We’ve created two new fringe style projects for the festival, a NEW Theatrical tour called Rebels, Riots, and Revolutionaries and a busk-stop style fringe show preview series called the Fringe Tiny Preview Series.

Rebels, Riots, and Revolutionaries – a NEW Theatrical tour

Our tour guides Alexandra Chubaty Boychuck and Hanna McKenna bring a strong theatre background and an enthusiasm for history. With the help of our Research and Historical Initiatives Coordinator, Sabrina Janke, these ladies have created a tour that brings you back in time while meeting some of the incredible characters who helped shaped not only Winnipeg’s history but that of the whole country!

On this theatrical tour you will follow two hot shot reporters as they tell you stories straight from the headlines starting at World War 1 through to Bloody Saturday, and the Battle at Old Market Square.

Learn about our city’s incredible history and experience the Exchange District’s stunning architecture and storied past in a fun and exciting way during this exclusive tour that runs until the end of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. Book today! Email or call 204-942-6716.

Fringe Tiny Previews Series

Our next project is the Fringe Tiny Previews Series. This is a busk stop style series of 5-minute performances by Fringe Festival artists. Pop into some of our great local businesses and catch a snippet of some of the shows you can see at this years Fringe Festival!

This is a great way to get a short preview of some shows and see what catches your eye and peaks your interest. Like a living hand-bill that you don’t need recycle and doesn’t take up any space in your purse!

For more information about this unique new project click here.