Exchanging Words with Generation Green

Owner: Sherry Sobey

When Sherry Sobey experienced a health scare 9 years ago, she began personal journey to discover how to take care of better care of herself.

After being diagnosed with a rare tumour, she decided it was time she looked more closely at what she put in, on, and around her body. After a frustratingly unproductive search for products without added chemicals, she decided to take matters into her own hands. And after learning so much about natural health she wanted to share her discoveries everyone she knew.

“You know what it’s like when you learn something great or hear about something great. You just want to share it”, she says.

This led to opening her store, Generation Green, a shop that offers eco friendly, safe alternatives to conventional products.

“My whole reason for starting this is because I saw the importance of talking about prevention more than anything. People will talk about cures, but I don’t want to even get to that. I don’t want people to go through what I went through, I want to stop it before it even starts.”

And her search for preventative methods connected her with the local health community, “Local is where I look first. If I were to tally up the local makers we have in this store, whether it’s food or cosmetics, we have over 100 makers. It’s unbelievable the talent that is right here. “

Not only are the shelves stocked with locally sourced products but Sobey also plans to have workshops in her store to help visitors learn even more about health and wellness. Some of her ideas include workshops with holistic nutritionists, positive body image experts, and master herbalists like Hollow Reed Holistic.

Sobey is particularly excited about her most recent addition to the store, the fully vegan, plant-based Acorn Café. This unique and healthy bistro offers fair trade, organic coffee, and healthy locally sourced snacks. Sobey will be expanding the café to offer healthy soups, salads and other nutrition-rich lunch options over the next few months.

“So many people have an overly acidic diet, which can be a breading ground for disease, and we really want to offer more alkaline options. Especially at lunch time when people are rushed…they can still find those plant based-leafy greens. We really want our food to be both delicious and nutritious.”

You may recognize Generation Green from their previous home at the Forks, where Sobey first opened and remained for 5 years. Although she loved the location, when it was time to expand the Exchange District was her first choice. “I’ve always loved the vibe of the exchange,” she says. “ I love the back alley markets, First Fridays, I love meeting the local business owners. There is really a sense of community here. This area is so quaint and happening, I knew it was where I wanted to be.”

Today Sobey is healthy and thriving, and grateful for the journey that lead her to connect with the local community and create Generation Green.

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