Five Ways to Exchange – November 17, 2017

Every Friday we’ll be letting you know about a few choice happenings in the Exchange! If you have an idea for something to be featured, email with “Five Ways to Exchange” in the subject line.


The Gathering @ various venues (Nov 17-19)

Billed as a “collective sharing of experiences among the participants,” The Gathering features multifaceted artists from around the globe at various venues across the Exchange and downtown area. While these feminist artistic experiences are being livestreamed, experiencing them in person is preferable. Featuring such artists as Ardele Lister, Ming Hon, Helga Jakobson, Hope Peterson, The Ephemerals, and many more, The Gathering will offer discussion, experiences, and insight on a cold winter weekend.

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From the Other Side @ Finch Gallery Workspace (Nov 17)

From the twisted mind of filmmaker and musician Greg Hanec (Downtime, ///field) comes From the Other Side, a 45 minute semi-improvised performance art piece that features lighting effects, freeform music, live painting, and a unique set piece made out of PVC plastic, which creates a wall separating spectators from performers (hence, “the other side”). Featuring Anna and Jason Holvand (ex-Dust Adam Dust), Alexis Flower (Robojom) and more, this once-in-a-lifetime experience is never to be recreated, so don’t miss out.

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Lev Snowe Live Recording @ Forth (Nov 17)

In honour of the band’s namesake taking a winter sabbatical in Los Angeles, Winnipeg synth act Lev Snowe is playing a set at Forth tonight. In addition to the show being caught on camera for posterity, it also features an opening set from virtually unknown newcomers Charlie Baby! Shows at Forth are always a good time, so join your friends for some songs, beverages, and special afterparty DJ sets from Snowe and bassist George Penner!

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Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe   

Whether you’re after breakfast, lunch, or just a great coffee, the Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe offers all of that and more in a relaxed but fast-paced environment. Why fast-paced? Because this is likely as close as you’re getting to eating your lunch in a functioning newsroom! With journalists working away on laptops and interviewing subjects in front of an audience, the News Cafe is like no other eatery in Winnipeg.

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SoGa Artisan Soaperie      

Located at 86 Albert Street, this vegan and cruelty-free soaperie offershandmade unique soaps, which make for perfect gifts. From bath bubbles and mineral salts to shower smoothies and facial scrubs, you may have just found your new favourite line of products.

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