Hilary Druxman Jewelry Celebrates 30 Years of Brilliance

Hilary Druxman crafts jewelry and community in the Exchange District.

Hilary Druxman in her showroom.

For 30 years, Hilary Druxman has designed beautiful, timeless jewelry in the Exchange District.  Armed with decades of experience and a passion for community, Hilary Druxman has become a destination location and a mainstay in the neighbourhood.

Hilary Druxman, owner and namesake of the business, got her first job manufacturing jewelry after completing university. It sparked her passion for the craft, so she opted to learn everything she could, studying gemology and jewelry appraisal. She began to create her own designs in a style she calls ‘whimsical and playful.’

She opened her first office and production hub at 70 Arthur Street, a space still iconic for makers. As her business grew, she grew her team, expanded manufacturing capacity, and exported products to major department stores in New York and across the United States. After 13 years in the wholesale business, she wanted to set up shop closer to home in Winnipeg.

Enter 258 McDermot Ave, a space with giant windows offering natural light and ample space for production. It was the perfect location for the Hilary Druxman we know today. The Exchange District has been an excellent fit for Hilary and the ideal place for her business to thrive.  Growing up in Winnipeg, she’s always loved the area, and when asked about why she settled in the Exchange, she says, “I’ve always felt at home here. It’s nice to be in this space providing a service that draws people who’ve never been to the Exchange. It’s like discovering your city all over.”

Hilary Druxman is a jewelry design firm that offers full-scale jewelry manufacturing with goldsmiths and a showroom with retail.  Acting as a retail store and a production hub, it gives customers the unique experience of shopping in the same place where their jewelry is made. The production area is set up like a laboratory, allowing the team to experiment with different methods, tools, and designs. They’ve recently acquired a caster and, using kilns, can provide lost wax casting.

At Hilary Druxman, you’ll find modern jewelry collections that are beautiful and elegant. The jewelry is designed for various occasions, and pieces complement one another, so layering is easy. The team ensures that designs are manufactured at a fair price, making this fine local jewelry very accessible for a variety of price ranges. They’re known for their collections in silver and gold, wedding rings, engagement rings, and custom work.

If you have any old jewelry tucked away and a vision of a custom piece, Hilary encourages you to bring it into the store to be redesigned and reconstructed into something new. Their team loves working on custom projects, and their talented goldsmiths can make anything by hand.

Another core piece of the business is the Goodworks collection, where the profits from purchased pieces directly contribute to raising awareness and funds for important causes. Teaming up with charitable organizations and passionate individuals, Hilary Druxman creates unique, meaningful pieces.

“There are incredible people in this community doing the frontline work, and this is how we give back,” says Hilary. They currently have over 80 items in the Goodworks collection and have raised upwards of one million dollars for community organizations.

Hilary believes that it’s an attitude of gratitude that has been a great contributor to her success. “You can’t ever take anything for granted. That’s something our team members are always aware of and practicing. You start there, and it’s an amazing foundation to build anything else.” 

And build they have. Thirty years in the Exchange District and 17 years in a retail space is a huge accomplishment. She’s grateful for her community, including other long-standing neighbours like Into the Music, Tara Davis, and Toad Hall Toys.

Hilary strives to be a creative hub in the neighbourhood that provides excellent service and inspiration to her customers. She sees Hilary Druxman as a hub for connection, allowing her talented team to work with customers to create beautiful results.

Check out Hilary Druxman for excellent gifts, custom jewelry reworks, and unique Winnipeg-designed and produced jewelry.

You can find Hilary Druxman at 258 McDermot Ave in the Exchange District.

Or catch them online:
Instagram: @hilarydruxmanjewelry