Vintage in the Exchange

Treasures and one-of-a-kind pieces await at the unique, local vintage stores in the Exchange District.

Vantage Vintage in the Exchange is pictured.

The Exchange District is a mecca for lovers of vintage treasures, secondhand gems, and thrifted finds. Those seeking a unique piece and to make a more environmentally-conscious choice can choose from five local secondhand stores, each with its own style and curation story.

This month is Secondhand September, a campaign that asks consumers to be mindful of their purchasing habits and shop secondhand as they prep their wardrobes for the fall and winter months.  It’s the perfect time to explore the Exchange’s thriving vintage scene and incorporate more pre-loved gems into your closet.

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of finding the perfect piece, and these curators genuinely have something for everyone!

Clothing Bakery Ltd.

The Clothing Bakery offers a broad curation of sustainable clothing and accessories from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and up to today’s popular brands.  It was founded in 2018 by Carjelu Delera and is co-owned by Carjelu and Juan Pocholo Barachina.

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll love their basketball, football, hockey, baseball, and soccer jerseys. Vintage t-shirts and sweatshirts are a mainstay and include themes like sportswear, music, Harley Davidson, cartoons, and more.  You can shop for denim pants, knits and sweaters.  Workwear fans will find an assortment of Carhartt and Dickies items, and jacket fans can rejoice in a selection of college jackets, NASCAR, denim, and varsity styles.

“Our curation strategy is customer-driven; thus, we value their feedback immensely, and we also like to curate items that we’re interested in to add our personal twist,” says co-owner Carjelu.  

They have pieces from all over the world, but mainly North America, as they travel to the United States a few times a year to purchase products from their business partners. Customers can also participate in a buy, sell, and trade system in-store.  

Check out The Clothing Bakery Ltd. at 87 King St. or on Instagram at @clothingbakery

The Collab Shop

The Collab Shop is a streetwear, sneaker and vintage store owned by Robert Berboso, Rodney Francisco, and Niko Te.  Their vintage consists of a lot of ’90s and early ’00s nostalgia. Customers will find items from sports, bands, movies, workwear and some throwback cardigans from brands like Coogi.

At the Collab Shop, you’ll also find a selection of pre-loved streetwear from hype brands you may not find elsewhere in Winnipeg. The team puts a lot of effort into the store’s curation, keeping on top of the latest drops in clothing and sneakers, bringing in items from their personal collections, and picking pieces at estate sales and thrift stores. 

“Our core is to be a go-to shop for streetwear that relies on vintage fashion and also to be a shop that will bring a lot of nostalgic feels from the age group who grew up in that particular generation,” says co-owner Rodney.  Head to The Collab Shop to shop clothing steeped in nostalgia alongside some of today’s hottest trends.

Check out the Collab Shop at 246 McDermot Ave or on Instagram at @collabshopwpg

The Jar

The Jar is a haven for vintage clothing enthusiasts that captures the spirit and style of the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s. Their collection focuses on items made in the USA and Canada to focus on quality, durability, and North American heritage that resonates with their customer base.

Their true differentiator is an inventory of rare finds and deadstock items- like limited-edition band tees, vintage designer pieces, single-stitch items, and iconic logo sweatshirts.

“We are continually on the hunt for pieces that are not only steeped in nostalgia but also have a timeless appeal, ensuring that our collection stays relevant and highly desirable,” says Blue, owner and curator at The Jar. Her curation strategy uses historical research, fashion trend analysis, and invaluable customer feedback, which involves monthly visits to the United States to handpick vintage treasures.

“In essence, The Jar is not just a store; it’s a curated experience that invites customers to explore, appreciate, and own a slice of fashion history from different eras and regions.”

Check out The Jar at 70 Arthur St, Unit 555 or on Instagram at @thejarwpg

Thrift Nihilist

At Thrift Nihilist, you’ll find a balance of wearable, timeless staple pieces and unique, more eccentric items you won’t see daily.  Owner Kier Mailan is drawn to anything special and out of the ordinary, which shows up in his curation style. 

Thrift Nihilist focuses on a blend of vintage and contemporary style clothing. A differentiator is their wildlife-themed items — think wild t-shirts, floral pieces, and items with nature represented in some way. You can also shop a selection of antiques and furniture- there’s always something new to peruse.

Kier believes “that clothing tells a story of both the garment and the individual wearing it. With vintage pieces, there is a lineage constantly being written with each wearer past and present.”  The idea of different people sharing the same appreciation for a garment is a reason for Kier’s passion for vintage. Check out Thrift Nihilist for items that allow people to enjoy pre-loved clothing again and in a new way.

Check out Thrift Nihilist at 63 Albert St, 5th Floor or on Instagram at @thriftnihilist

Vantage Vintage

Michael Duchon and Joshua Alderson passionately own and operate Vantage Vintage Boutique. They offer a curated selection of sustainable, quality, authentic vintage garments that are made to last, easily incorporated into a modern wardrobe and transcend current fashion trends and fads. 

Vantage Vintage specializes in sourcing and hand-selecting pieces from the late 1800s – 1980’s that meet their standards for uniqueness and quality. The owners believe, “True vintage garments serve as the blueprints to modern fashion and can be used in creating a versatile, personal wardrobe comprised of styles that will remain timeless and compliment your closet for years to come.”

The pieces are meticulously cleaned and restored, and much of their product stands up to or exceeds the quality of the highest designers today.  They aim to offer an alternative to purchasing lesser quality, fast fashion and newly manufactured “boutique” garments, which are often quickly discarded.

Head to Vantage Vintage for an experience where the owners assist you in realizing your personal style and provide history on their beautiful, one-of-a-kind garments.

Check out Vantage Vintage at 70 Albert St, Unit 210 or on Instagram at @vantagevintagebtq

All images and content are courtesy of the vintage shop owners.