The Village Salon Studios: A Beauty Industry Hub

Welcome to a new one-stop shop for beauty services in the Exchange District

The Village Salon Studios is a new type of studio space calling the Exchange District home.  Newly opened on Arthur Street, this sprawling and modern space includes 25 studio salon rental spaces. The concept is brilliant – to bring together beauty industry professionals in a centralized hub, creating community and providing customers easy access to a variety of services.

Ali Meghji, the co-founder of The Village Salon Studios, has been in the hospitality industry for over 25 years. His business partner, Fadi Moukhaiber, has owned several salons for just as long. Together, they came up with The Village Salon Studios, a unique business model that offers health and beauty entrepreneurs the chance to own their businesses in a collaborative space.

In speaking with Ali, it is clear that accessibility is important to them, and offering this opportunity with a low up-front cost provides access to entrepreneurship without the costs of opening up a stand-alone space. The Village Salon Studios is a game-changer for the beauty industry. According to Ali, “We find that especially in the world of hair, 75% of students drop out and seek another career after a few years. That’s huge, and some of them move into their basements or start working from their homes. But with The Village Salon Studios, we want to provide a space where entrepreneurs can succeed and thrive in the industry.”

The studios are curated to accommodate everything from hair stylists, tattoo artists, permanent makeup artists, lash artists, and more. Entrepreneurs have the freedom to decorate and brand their space and have a minimum commitment of one year. 

But the perks don’t end there. All utilities, including Wi-Fi, are included in the rent, so entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about variable costs each month. They also get the added benefit of having Ali and Fadi as their mentors. The Village Salon Studios hosts monthly mentorship meetings and quarterly growth strategy meetings to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Ali and Fadi even guide them through the process of registering their business, which can be a stumbling block for many new entrepreneurs.

The idea of The Village Salon Studios is not only a game-changer for entrepreneurs but also for customers. With various beauty services offered in one space, customers can enjoy a one-stop-shop experience. They can go in for a haircut and come out with a fresh tattoo or a lash lift.  Flexibility should also be a big draw for customers, as the space is open 24/7.  The studio owners can choose their hours, offering services at any time of day.  They’ve already seen this benefit the film industry in Winnipeg, with one of The Village stylists supporting late-night sessions for costume departments.

Ali believes the Exchange District is the perfect place for an innovative concept like this.  According to Ali, “There isn’t an area in Canada that is as charming as the Exchange District,” He cites the heritage buildings, charming atmosphere, and great local businesses as contributing to a culture that is not easily replicated.  The Village Salon Studios hopes to bring even more excitement to the Exchange District with its offerings.

When completely leased, they will bring 25 new businesses to the Exchange, and they are currently 35% full. Hair stylists, tattoo artists, a nurse practitioner, and a barber are among those who have already signed up for the studios. They would love to attract makeup artists, massage therapists, lash artists, and more to provide a wide breadth of services for customers.

A level of passion and excitement is evident in the team at The Village Salon Studios. The studio’s experienced artists are passionate about the culture of their space, ensuring that their clients receive a high level of service.  Collaboration is a big theme, and the idea is that industry professionals can work together to create relationships with customers, suppliers, and the wider community.  As Ali says, “It takes a village.”

You can visit The Village Salon Studios at 55 Arthur Street and check out their grand opening on May 4-6th, 2023.

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