Canadian Footwear: Fitting Winnipeggers with Quality Shoes Since 1932

Since the very beginning, the Scharfstein family has been committed to taking care of the community, all the while providing their customers with an exceptional experience.

When Bert Scharfstein opened Canadian Footwear in 1932, he was committed to serving the community of Winnipeg in a way that went beyond simply fitting them with quality footwear. “My father wanted to take care of the community and really listen to their needs,” explains his son Brian who alongside his wife has become the face of the business since his father’s passing in the late 1980’s.

Since taking over the business, Brian has continuously pivoted operations in order to keep up with the ever-changing business landscape. However, throughout all of these years he has kept true to his father’s key business philosophies. “We still focus on the community first, and we are still a family owned and operated business.”

Brian, his wife Pam and their daughter Erica have proven that family and business can mix successfully when each member is focused on a common goal. “We all strive to provide an exceptional experience through focusing on the unique needs of our customers and fitting them with a shoe that fits their lifestyle.”

Canadian Footwear’s “We Fit You” philosophy has brought loyal customers back year after year as they know that they can always expect exceptional customer service that will lead to them finding the perfect fitting, quality shoe.

“Your footwear is the most important vehicle you have.”

The Scharfstein family recognizes that not everyone has the means to purchase a properly fitting shoe. This is why they have championed the “Fit Feet on the Street” initiative that enables them to provide footwear to Manitoba families who would otherwise not have access to quality shoes. “We have stayed committed to continuing this even through the pandemic as we know that people still need shoes, if not more than ever.”

Erica and Brian are thankful that they were able to stay open for most of 2020. Footwear is in fact an essential part of our daily lives, and this is especially true for those needing assistance from Brian who is a Certified Pedorthist.

Canadian Footwear has gone to great lengths to continue providing exceptional service throughout the pandemic, including diligently following health and safety measures and matching shoppers up one-on-one with fitters.

“In addition to the increased measures we are taking at our stores, we are also offering personal contactless deliveries to customers in the city,” explains Erica. “People love this and say that they can’t believe that the guy on television is personally dropping off their shoes!” Cheers to you, Brian!