Survey: Character and a sense of place

Many people say the Exchange District's best quality is its "character." How do you see its character, and what aspects of it should we focus on in the years ahead?

The Exchange District BIZ, in partnership with the City of Winnipeg, is currently developing a long-range planning framework to help shape the future of the Exchange District. As part of this process, we are reaching out to Winnipeggers for their input, recognizing the Exchange is a special place for so many of us. Your feedback is important. Your responses to this survey will inform the vision for the future of the Exchange District and, ultimately, help shape the strategies to achieve that vision.

The character of a neighbourhood generally refers to the sense of place it creates, or more simply, to how it looks and feels. It is the combination of the public and private realms. Every property, public place, natural feature, and piece of infrastructure makes a contribution – whether great or small. It is also a relatively subjective concept, as each individual is left to interpret a neighbourhood on their own terms, and based on their personal experiences.

The Exchange District is widely celebrated for its unique character. Perhaps, the most widely recognized characteristic is the large collection of heritage buildings found in the Exchange, with their turn-of-the-century architectural styles and materials, as well as their limited heights and setbacks from the sidewalks. Its place in the City’s history is further expressed through public art and place names.

At the same time, the current experiences offered by the Exchange District are also an important aspect of its character, from locally owned businesses to the annual festivals and a thriving arts scene.

The character of the Exchange District, however you define it, has and will continue to play an essential role in attracting businesses, residents, artists, tourists, and more to the area.

Thank you for your feedback. This survey is now closed.