This year, for the holidays, why not make people happy AND the planet happy?

We’re proud that many of our neighbourhood boutiques offer a variety of eco-friendly products inspiring us to live more sustainably. We’ve rounded up the best practical everyday gifts to help your friends and family lead a more sustainable life in 2020:

Reducing your use of single-use plastic is much easier with these locally-made food covers and produce bags. These produce bags pack up nicely and are easy to tuck in your reusable bag for your next shopping trip. You’ll never have to buy single-use plastic wrap again with washable and expandable food covers.

SipSmart collapsable reusable straws on white background

Let’s be honest — single use plastic straws suck. A SipSmart collapsable reusable straw is perfectly pocket-sized for all your sipping adventures. It comes with a bonus squeegee for easy cleaning AND the case is biodegradable!

Metal reusable water bottles with Indigenous artwork

Who doesn’t love portable art? For staying hydrated on the go, these reusable water bottles feature beautiful Indigenous artwork by local artists. Find them exclusively at The Manitoba Museum Shop.

Into Yukon soaps wrapped and stacked; North Pole and Old Town scents

Transport their senses to the north with ANTO YUKON soap. Handmade in the Yukon with natural ingredients the packaging is reusable as beautifully-scented wrapping paper, designed by Canadian artist Meghan Hildebrand.

tabletop compost collector sitting in a kitchen with food scraps

Calling all indoor winter gardeners! Make composting easier with an in-home and odour-free compost collector, made with recycled materials and zero toxins.

Did you know that toothbrushes can’t be recycled? Start brushing responsibly with this beautiful, biodegradable bamboo toothbrush.

Replace 2-3 bottles of liquid shampoo with an earth-friendly, waste-free shampoo bar for soft, healthy hair of all types.

Declining a single use plastic bag is easier when you have your own packable tote that’s weather-resistant, easy to clean and durable. Packs up SO TINY making it easy to carry with you every day.