Hi. Im Lindsay Somers. Ive been working in the Exchange District since 2005. In the last 13 years, the Exchange District has been a constant creative influence on my life and career, silently supporting and shaping me to become the active living urbanist I am today.

 I started my career working in the Silpit Building as an intern at Buffalo Gal Pictures. I learned the difference between Albert and Arthur St by walking around dropping off paperwork and contracts to the many other film partners in the neighbourhood. I spent countless hours with Guy Maddin in the dark Winnipeg Film Group studio shooting the famously iconic My Winnipeg. Storytelling through Guy Maddins lens was certainly never ever dull. It was an intensely creative and playful time.

 While I was making movies, I was boxing on my lunch breaks at Pan Am Boxing. I had no idea the changes that were happening to me internally and externally as I attempted to master an upper cut.

 I have always loved connecting to physical activity. Boxing re-ignited that flame for me. I became an assistant leader and began to help people find their own strength and confidence through boxing. It soon became clear that inspiring people through movement was my purpose.

 After completing my training certification, there was no question where I was going to open my own training studio –  the Exchange District.

I opened my studio in 2010. I fell in love with the 17 ft tin ceilings and giant windows literally overlooking the neon Woodbine Hotel sign. A year later, Parlour Coffee opened directly below. Though I work alone, I have a community around me at all times. I literally run into people every day. It is a neighbourhood for and full of people.

 My business has evolved. Connecting to movement also became about connecting to the outdoors, to others and to our community. I routinely take my clients on morning walks down Waterfront Drive, quick runs to the Mere Hotel and I love a sunny day circuit training class in Old Market Square. The world is our gym.

 I am so excited to announce a partnership with The Exchange District Biz to bridge all of my favourite things for a fun active living community event.

 Beginning Friday, June 15th, we will be hosting Brown Bag Bocce at Stephen Juba Park. Come out and play. Take a break in your day to spend time outside, sit in the park and have a picnic.

 What: Bocce ball + brown bag picnic lunch

When: Fridays from noon-1pm, June 15 – July 6th

Where: Stephen Juba Park

 Space is limited, reserve a spot for your team of 4-8 players for some bocce ball fun on your lunch break! Invite your team members, clients and other contacts youd love to connect with over a friendly game of bocce!

 Well have picnic blankets for you to sit to eat your lunch on, chill out and relax on before and after your game.

 Bring your brown bag lunch, grab a lunch to go from one of the many fabulous neighbourhood restaurants or order a Skip the Dishes meal to get delivered directly to your team at the park! (fun fact: Skip the Dishes is also a fellow Exchange Biz member!)

 Psst: its sneaky exercise. Youre doing something that is actually fun to move your body.

 Wed love to have you out to play! Register your team of 4-8 players by visiting Questions? Please ask!  Email me: Lindsay Somers Cant wait to hang out.