This weekend Forth will be hosting local and international artists and musicians for Forthwith Festival. The weekend includes workshops and live performances during the day, and will transform into a multi-floor dance party/ art showcase at night, offering Winnipeggers a chance to experience experimental sound, art, music, and creativity.

Experimental composer, sound artist, and musician, Wouter Jaspers, was part of a group of friends in Berlin with friends at Forth in Winnipeg. These two groups of artists saw an opportunity to collaborate and bring two music scenes together; connecting communities globally and bringing new sounds to our city. Now in it’s second year, this experimental sound, video, and art showcase, promises to offer even more creative inspiration and fun.

Jaspers says, “It’s a place for artists to come together to create new music, play together and share their creations with the people in Winnipeg. Those creations can be music, visual art, even food. There will be visual artists accompanying musical acts. We will be talking about our work and explaining why we make it.”

The festival will offer audiences a chance to experience experimental sound, such as found and object based creations, like the work of two artists who use wood from the streets to create a sound experience. Or like Jaspers’ work which uses radio signals that morph in music. Along with the experimental sound Jaspers is excited about the added workshops and the addition of more rhymical music to this years’ festival.

“Artist Nick Kline from Miami will be hosting a dance party on Friday night. The music will be challenging, and interesting, but also super dancey. I’m looking forward to getting my feet off the ground,” he says.

Not only will the festival offer new musical and sound experiences, but it’s a chance to find creative inspiration and community.

“Openness to new things is important. The art at this festival is not something you come across often. It’s inspiring to surround yourself with something new. It’s an event intended to create community. There will be a community-based chef in residence cooking food for everyone, workshops, and dance. It’s a gathering of like minded people,” says Jaspers.

“It’s a very immersive experience. There will be art pieces and installations everywhere. You can just sit and relax and be surrounded by art that’s constantly changing.”

The Forthwith Festival runs from Feb. 2 – Feb. 4. For more information on the Forthwith Festival visit there website at