Five Ways to Exchange – May 19, 2017

Every Friday we’ll be letting you know about a few choice happenings in the Exchange! If you have an idea for something to be featured, email with “Five Ways to Exchange” in the subject line.

The Stage

The Bridges of Madison County – The Musical
The latest adaptation of Robert James Waller’s novel features music from Tony award winning composer Jason Robert Brown, and hopefully a nod or two to Clint Eastwood’s most tender performance to date.
Runs May 24 – 26 @ 7:30pm and May 27 @ 2pm at the RMTC Tom Hendry Warehouse Theatre.

David Lynch: The Art of Life
This documentary about the meditative madman filmmaker behind Blue Velvet and Eraserhead is a great primer for Sunday night’s Twin Peaks premiere.
On now until May 28 at Cinematheque.

The Eats

Head over to Peg Beer Co on Wednesday for Nyco Rudolph’s launch of the Bears and Beers Book Tour! While you’re there, check out some of the new features, including the tasty Greek Flatbread! For more info, visit the Facebook event page.

The Look

Whether you’re getting your summer sandal selection ready or you’re looking for a quality pair of Exchange District walking shoes, Canadian Footwear has you covered this weekend.

The Tour

Interested in how the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike ripples through the historic Exchange in 2017? Take the East Exchange Tour to learn all about it!

The Display

This exhibit includes a series of performances and installations examining how our physical presence holds within urban structures and explores the longstanding connections our bodies have to our ancestors, the land and our community.
On now at Urban Shaman until June 10.

The Scoop on Jurassic Poop with Dino Don

Fact and fiction? Learn the truth about dinosaurs in the media. Get the scoop on the latest discoveries about hot-blooded, living and strange-looking dinosaurs, huge and tiny, from Jurassic Park advisor, author, and World’s Giant Dinosaurs exhibit creator, “Dino” Don Lessem.
Happens May 19 from 7-9pm at the Manitoba Museum.

Kevin Boyle: Herd
Quiet, observational, investigative images on the herd mentality, but so much more.
on now until May 27 @ Gurevich Fine Art.