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There’s a particular spirit to the way things are done in the Exchange District.

Shop owners like to share in their wins, lift each other up – and combine forces to build up the overall neighbourhood experience. Over the next few months, we’ll be featuring seven great Exchange District businesses and giving you a glimpse into the way things are done here.

Featured Businesses


luggage · business cases · handbags

Are you headed somewhere a little more adventurous than Mexico this winter? Strap the lightweight, transformative Osprey pack on your back. These bags are so good, they’re guaranteed forever. Available at U.N. Luggage.

Lennard Taylor

Design Studio

Owning a capsule wardrobe is one of the best ways to lighten your footprint. Lennard Taylor’s designs are happily non-seasonal, and he even uses scrap fabrics to make one-of-a-kind artwork for your walls.

246 McDermot Ave.

generation green

acorn cafe

By this point in winter, who couldn’t use some self-care, especially when it comes to their skin? Generation Green got you covered with sustainable soaks utilizing nourishing sea salts and effervescent essential oils.

433 Main St., Unit 100

Tiny Feast

Modern goods for the workspace and home.

Kaweco has been making high-quality, timeless writing instruments in Germany since 1883. Manufactured with precision machining and keen attention to detail, its products are composed of enduring materials – steel, aluminum and brass parts–paired with premium lead and inks. Available at Tiny Feast.

Pink Moon Handmade Boutique

featuring Little Tree Hugger Soap

Step right up to luxury without compromise. Pink Moon Handmade Boutique/Little Tree Hugger Soap Co. offers all the handmade items you could dream of, waste-free. Gift wrapping is biodegradable, inks are plant-based, receipts are paperless, and you’ll only get a paper bag if you need one. Bring back your tubs for reuse (or a bottle of any kind)!

296 McDermot Ave.