Lights on the Exchange

January 21 - March 21, 2023

Lights on the Exchange is a new winter arts festival in Winnipeg

From brick and terracotta buildings to storefronts, rooftops and alleyways, Lights on the Exchange – Allumez le Quartier invites you to explore light in its many forms and settings. Canadian artists create fresh, contemporary installations, sculptures and projections that reveal a reimagined history of the area.

Allumez le Quartier - Lights on the Exchange Logo
Allumez le Quartier – Lights on the Exchange Logo

Works will be released in 3 phases, with the first phase of releases beginning on January 21st, including two building projections and six storefront installations:

  • The Space Between by Taylor McArthur, projection located at 168 Bannatyne Ave
  • Kong and Bannatyne by Jaymez, projection at the King and Bannatyne Parking lot
  • Witness a whodunnit in a revived fashion storefront, installation by Derek Bassey at 279 McDermot Ave
  • Peek past the curtain at a diorama that reveals mythological creatures, installation by Diana Thorneycroft at 93 Albert St (Cordova Tapas & Wine)
  • Encounter a robot duo with a provocative message about the relationship between technology and nature, installation by Nereo Zorro at 492 Main St (Exchange District BIZ office)
  • Stroll past a giant comic strip with a fresh take on Indigenous tricksters, installation by Karrie McEwan at 185 Bannatyne Ave
  • Discover a ray of sunshine and listen to the crickets in Artspace’s illuminated alley, installation by Marie-France Hollier + Alexis Aurora in the Artspace drayway

More artworks will be released on the final First Fridays of winter, February 3 and March 3, and will include large-scale lanterns and sculptural light boxes. Artists will be announced in the coming weeks.

Photo of people in front of banners with the "Lights on the Exchange - Allumez le Quartier" logo

Lights on the Exchange – Allumez le Quartier will debut January 21 and run through March 21. The Exchange District BIZ is in partnership with Artspace in launching the inaugural arts festival.

While drawing inspiration from festivals like Luminothérapie in Montréal and Fête des lumières in Lyon, the emphasis for Lights on the Exchange – Allumez le Quartier will be on artistic expressions that tell histories that go beyond those regularly told in relationship to its heritage buildings.