Future of the Exchange District

Welcome to the Future of the Exchange District. Along with help our partners at Centre Venture Development Corporation, Economic Development Winnipeg and the City of Winnipeg, we've defined a clear vision for the Exchange and surrounding regions.

The Exchange District Community Investment Strategy, coupled with the Exchange District Plan 2022, embodies a future where heritage meets modernity, fostering a dynamic landscape for businesses and residents.

Exchange District Community Investment Strategy

The Exchange District Community Investment Strategy presents a bold vision for the future of the Exchange. Forming the second part of the Winnipeg City Council approved Exchange District Plan 2022, the Investment Strategy provides a model for investment, sustainability, and community growth.

Exchange District Plan 2022

Adopted by Winnipeg City Council in February of 2022, the Exchange District Plan 2022 is a blueprint for the district’s evolution. Blending heritage with modern infrastructure for economic growth and a vibrant community, embracing the district’s unique identity and fostering a thriving environment for businesses and residents alike.