Plant Care = Self-Care at Plant Lab Botanical Design

Krystle Pagkalinawan is building a community of people who want to help each other love, care for and share plants.

“I killed the plant immediately,” laughs Kyrstle, founder of Plant Lab Botanical Design, as she reminisces on the first plant she was ever gifted. That experienced sparked something in her, though. “I took it as a challenge.”

The challenge of keeping plants alive quickly turned into a beautiful self-care outlet for Krystle. Upon coming home from busy days working in retail management, Krystle could unwind at home as she tended to her plants. “It changed my life for the better. Plant care IS self-care.”

Krystle was keen to educate herself on all things plant care, so she quickly immersed herself in the online plant community. Not before long, she decided to open Plant Lab Botanical Design in the Exchange to share her love of plants with the Winnipeg community. Krystle strongly believes that plants bring happiness, relaxation and creativity to one’s life if they allow them to.

“I want to inspire others in the community to find that same peace and happiness in owning, growing and giving plants by bringing plants to home, offices and businesses.”

A former plant novice herself, Krystle is aware that the lifestyle can be daunting for anyone who has not yet owned a plant. As such, Krystle offers plant coaching sessions through her business. Through these sessions that are conducted via Instagram, Zoom, or email, Krystle teaches her clients how to properly care for their chosen plants.

In addition to the retail shop and Krystle’s plant coaching sessions, Plant Lab Botanical Design also offers plant design services, gift packages, plant rentals, plant trade-ins, private shopping parties and local maker pop-ups.

All in all, Plant Lab Botanical Design is the perfect place to come to if you’re looking to add peace, joy, and colour to your home life.