High-End Outerwear Retailer Tamarack Clothing Says Hello to the Exchange

Locally owned and operated for over two decades, Tamarack Clothing prides itself on exceeding customer expectations on multiple levels. From their unique luxury items to their educated staff who provide exceptional customer service, Tamarack keeps their customers coming back year after year.

In the midst of a difficult year, the Exchange District readily acquired a new tenant that is bound to attract customers from across the city. Once a staple of Tuxedo, Tamarack Clothing has chosen to relocate to the bustling district in order to become more accessible for everyone in the city.

For over 20 years, this luxury outerwear retailer has been providing the best in customer service and quality clothing to Winnipeggers. With a focus on outdoor, luxury travel and casual apparel, the long- standing owner strives to bring in top brands such as Canada Goose, Patagonia, Nobis, The North Face and Wuxly (just to name a few).

“We are unique in the Winnipeg market in so many ways,” explains Jennifer, manager at Tamarack Clothing.

In addition to staffing passionate and knowledgeable employees who provide unmatched customer service, Tamarack offers luxury pieces that are often unique to the Winnipeg market. “Sure, we bring in staple pieces that can be found at national retailers, but we aim to also offer unique styles that other stores won’t have.”

2020 welcomed more than just a new location for Tamarack, as the business also took a large leap into the world of online sales. “We had always planned to have an online presence, but COVID really kicked our plans into high gear.” The business spent months tailoring an online store that looks just as good, if not better, than the online shops of big box stores.

“Our online sales have certainly been booming, but nothing compares to the in-store shopping experience. The items that we sell are investment pieces and our customers love getting the full experience of trying the items on and feeling the luxurious materials.”