The Exchange District National Historic Site is one of Winnipeg’s most colourful and cosmopolitan neighbourhoods. This 20-square-block district showcases North America’s most extensive collection of terra-cotta and cut stone architecture.

The Exchange District BIZ has a membership of over 400 businesses; and works to create a safe, clean and beautiful neighbourhood in Winnipeg’s Exchange District.


The Executive Director is the organization’s senior professional, responsible to the Management Board through the Chair. In furtherance of the BIZ mandate and objectives of the board, the Executive Director serves as a catalyst in the Board development of strategy and undertakings bearing the primary responsibility for the ethical, successful and cost effective execution of same on a day-to-day basis.

The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring the effective and efficient operating of the various employees and operations of the Biz. The Executive Director not only takes care of general administration, but also contributes leadership, skill and knowledge in the areas of budgeting, organizational structures, planning, advertising and promotion. With professional knowledge, personal qualities and full-time attention, the Executive Director helps to provide perspective, continuity and direction for the BIZ. Playing both a lead and a supportive role, the Executive Director represents the organization in its lobbying and advocacy efforts with the various levels of government for the Exchange District in general. This professional staff member should provide guidance to the Management Board in formulation of objectives, strategic planning, and decisions of general policy, though ultimate control will remain with the Management Board.

General Duties and Responsibilities

– Coordinates and implements approved programs of the BIZ including strategic planning, budget development, organization, scheduling, and monitoring of program activities.
– Oversees the daily operations/activities of the BIZ office including: financial administration of the approved budget, supervision of all permanent and temporary staff and volunteers, development and maintenance of necessary office systems and administrative procedures.
– Promotes and maintains consistent communication with Biz Members to identify and address potential concerns the Biz Members may have from time to time, proactively promote member initiatives wherever possible and practical, and generally promote a good working relationship between the Biz and its various members.
– Coordinates and attends all meetings of the Executive/Management Board, the Exchange District BIZ Annual General Meeting and all meetings of the various Program Committees. Ensures that proper minutes are kept and distributed in a timely fashion, to all involved. Coordinates the Exchange District BIZ Annual General Meeting to present to members the yearly program plan and budget, a re-cap of the previous year’s programs and events, and to hold elections for Board positions.
– Establishes and maintains an effective two-way network through liaison / interface with key individuals, organizations, government agencies or special interest groups in order to promote and lobby on behalf of the interests of the BIZ.
– Plans, coordinates, and facilitates the process of effective formal representations to City Council and its Standing Committees and other external organizations on matters concerning the Exchange District BIZ.
– On the direction of the Management Board, serves as the primary spokesperson for the BIZ to the media and local and international communities on matters of BIZ programs, initiatives and policy.
– Promotes and develops participation and leadership within the Management Board, Committees, BIZ staff and volunteers ensuring that the appropriate financial and human resources are in place to achieve the goals of the organization.
Identify and obtain alternative sources of revenues to supplement the BIZ levy for the support of BIZ programming.
– Ability to adapt and perform in various working environments. The position of Executive Director usually involves working in an office environment, but will require working in non-standard working conditions.
– Commits to hours above and beyond those of the standard work week. The position involves a standard work week, but will occasionally involve working evenings, weekends, and overtime hours to accommodate activities such as public events held in the Exchange.

Please direct all inquiries and resumes to Matt Erhard, Summit Search Group at or (204) 957-5500.