Hot Beverage Week 2022

December 5th to 10th

Congratulations Cake-ology, winner of Hot Beverage Week 2022!

Comfort and Joy

Beginning on December 5th, you can warm up with a featured holiday drink from the Exchange District’s brewers, baristas and barkeeps. Selections include those with both spirited and caffeinated kicks to bring you some seasonal cheer. Check out the video here!

Treat yourself as you Shop the Exchange , take one along on a winter walk or hop from spot to spot with good company. You have a week to give them a try and vote below for your favourite!

Patent 5 Distillery

Bark + Bite

A rich dark hot chocolate sweetened with raspberry liqueur and amaretto, complimented with cacao nib infused Patent 5 vodka, and topped with a pistachio whipped cream. This rich, warm cocktail is reminiscent of a dark chocolate bark, or a decadent ganache, and makes for a perfect dessert.

Check out Patent 5

Across the Board

Nanaimo Bar Hot Chocolate

A decadent drinkable dessert combining chocolate, coconut and custard, topped with graham crumbs and shaved coconut. Delicious as-is, or add some Baileys to take it to the next level!

Check out Across the Board


Orange Cinnamon Latte

2 shots espresso, 2 pumps of orange syrup, steamed milk, whipped cream, orange zest, maple leaves sprinkles and some cinnamon powder sprinkled on the top.

Check out Bronuts

Amsterdam Tea Room

Salt + Smoke

Laphroig Qtr Cask, Lapsang Tea, Sugar, Whiskey Barrel Bitters, Sea Salt.

Warm, Smoky, Sweet and Lightly Salty!

(Virgin option available)

Check out Amsterdam Tea Room

Little Brown Jug

Sugar, Spiked + Everything Nice!

LBJ’s take on a boozy hot chocolate. Monarchy English Brown Ale gets warmed up with Camino original milk hot chocolate, 1/2 ounce of Frangelico liquor, and a scoop of coconut whipped cream on top. Warm up your senses with this creamy, chocolaty take on an English Brown Ale sure to please any brit home or abroad. Can be made vegan with Simply Dark hot chocolate, and Baileys Almande instead of Frangelico.

Check out Little Brown Jug

Cake-ology (winner)

Milo Hot Chocolate with Leche Flan Foam

This hot beverage is made with Milo Dark Chocolate and topped with a Leche Flan Foam. Finished with a Milo and Milk Powder Dust.

Check out Cake-ology


The Banana Stand

A latte made with Little Sister’s Stargazer Espresso, banana & white chocolate ganache and a toasted peanut & muscovado sugar syrup.

Check out Clementine


Black Forest Mocha

Semi-sweet chocolate and housemade cherry syrup steamed into any milk of choice, and mixed with espresso. Topped with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and a cherry on top!

Check out Parlour


Tiramisu Latte

An almond vanilla latte made with a vanilla pudding cream, topped with a lady finger and chocolate drizzle.

Check out Harrisons


The Golden Oak

This smoked oak wood infused latte with s’mores Baileys, meringue and 24k gold leaves. All four elements are combined to explore the complexity of nature broken down into simpler substances, resulting in an amazing, multi-sensory cocktail! The Golden Oak was invented with the intention of bringing back that feeling of warmness by a bonfire while toasting marshmallows and sharing a laugh with loved ones.

Check out Hermanos.

Nonsuch Brewing Co


A blend of Nonsuch’s strong, malt forward, Bière De Garde with a robust Malbec. This take on the traditional caribou liquor is sweetened with Canadian grade A maple syrup and is garnished with dried citrus and warming winter spices.

Check out Nonsuch


After Eight

Decadent white hot chocolate gets infused with steeped organic NUMI Moroccan mint tea, and lightly topped with real whipped cream and an After 8 stick. This white chocolate mint tea latte is 100% caffeine free, aromatic, creamy and delicious. What a wonderful way to start the holiday season with friends!

Check out Colosimo

Más Coffee

Navidad Latte

This festive latte was inspired by a trip to Honduras, where rambutan, commonly known as lichas to the locals, can be bought on the side of the highway. A double shot of Honduran espresso with notes of stonefruit and honey gets mixed with a house-crafted, juicy, tropical rambutan and pineapple syrup. It’s topped with steamed milk and a spicy hint of ginger. Let this Central American inspired drink warm you up this holiday season!

Check out Más Coffee.

Cibo Waterfront Cafe

Spiced Apple Pie

Bacardi Spiced Rum / Apple / Cinnamon / Whipped Cream.

Check out Cibo.


The “Hot Cocoa’a’Gogo”

This homemade hot chocolate with dark cocoa powder, vanilla and condensed milk is infused with shot of nitro coffee from sheepdog coffee co., then topped with whipped cream and dark chocolate shaving.

Check out Bodegoes.

Peasant Cookery

The Duke of Suffolk

Hendricks gin, earl grey & red rooibos tea blend, simple syrup, and whipped cream.

Check out Peasant Cookery.

King + Bannatyne

Blueberry Coconut White Hot Chocolate

Infused with Amsterdam Tea Room blueberry herbal tea, toasted coconut, black currants and cinnamon. Topped with a Boo-Berry Cereal rimmer!

Check out King + Bannatyne.