Local utopian hub with a variety of offerings held within the Anne Building

Our mission is to facilitate the healthful emergence of creative community development; Awakening us all to an enlightened consciousness that advocates for societal and environmental justice. We envision eternal and inclusive sustainable living.

The yew tree is traditionally known to be resilient, strong, and hearty. Some of the oldest living yews are logged at being over 7000 years old. Commonly growing next to churches and within cemeteries, they are known to symbolize protection, healing, as well as life, death, and regeneration after difficult times; and our world has experienced no shortage of difficulties.
The ability of the yew tree to sprout new roots from branches that touch the ground parallels the hope for the utopians to sprout holistic and resilient new developments for the present and future generations. The Yew in Yewtopia is envisioned as a protector of the loving intentions of those involved in the greater good, creating a strong sense of nature is alive and well.

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