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A Small Celebration – Tiny Feast

A small celebration.

This is the sensation owner Danika Bock wants people to feel when they buy something from her store in the Exchange District, Tiny Feast.

The specialty stationery shop opened back in 2013 and has since become a popular stop for visitors and locals searching to get a taste of the Exchange. The shop offers a selection of carefully curated stationery gift items, homewares and high-quality items for your home or office that you can’t find at larger chains like Staples. High-end planners, pens and notebooks from around the world are just some of the things you can find there.

One would think with such niche merchandise, that demand for the products would be hard to generate, but according to Bock, she’s experienced the opposite. “Having a background in design and an appreciation for well-made supplies, I can nerd out about a nice pencil,” Bock says. “But it turns out I’m not the only one – thank goodness! There has been a real enthusiasm for the products we carry at the shop, and the unique lines I work so hard to source and import.”

Gifts are also a huge selling point for Tiny Feast. “Folks come in looking for gifts for co-workers, family members and friends year-round. Because we focus on practical everyday goods, there’s a little something for everyone here,” she says.

And, if you need something more personal to go with that gift, unconventional greeting cards for almost every occasion, each with distinct art styles, line the store walls.

One of the more popular gifts recently has been Tiny Feast’s art prints, a few of which showcase Winnipeg and Manitoba in artistic ways. In fact, many of their prints have been appearing more frequently on social media in customer’s homes, and Bock has taken notice. “It’s very meaningful to see goods from the shop out ‘in the wild’. Seeing art pieces on the walls of our customers’ homes, or a card thoughtfully posted on a bulletin board… these are reminders of how genuine and supportive the Winnipeg community has been for us.”

She also notes that the store sees a wide array of people come through her door each day. “Through the week we get a good mix of neighbourhood students, office workers and coffee-goers popping in for a gift or a card or a notebook. On the weekend, we see more families, tourists to the city, and a mix of folks simply wandering the Exchange District.”

While still relatively young, the store has made a significant impact on the community thanks to its ability to truly have a little celebratory something for everyone, and Bock says she is very happy where she is. “As both a resident and business owner in the Exchange District, community is very important. When I set out to open the business in 2013, this neighbourhood was at the top of the list. It held so much potential. Over the past six years it’s slowly (but surely) growing into itself. Here’s hoping it continues to thrive – I can’t really imagine being anywhere else.”

You can find your next small celebration at Tiny Feast, 217 McDermot Avenue, or by visiting tinyfeast.com online.