Executive Director

Brian Timmerman

After serving Winnipeg as a police officer for 25 years, Brian Timmerman came on board at the Exchange District BIZ in 2003. He was offered a newly created Operations Manager position and jumped at the chance to create a new foot patrol program as well as greatly improving the maintenance program. In 2010, Brian was handed the reins as Executive Director and has never looked back. Overseeing the re-branding of the Exchange District BIZ and watching the District grow and thrive before his eyes, has been an incredibly rewarding experience for Brian. He is passionate about continuing to build on this success.

Operations Manager

Derek Manaigre

Derek Manaigre, an expert in urban cleanliness and safety, is the Operations Manager at the Exchange District BIZ. Prior to joining the BIZ seven years ago, Derek worked for 10 years as Maintenance and Cleanliness Coordinator at the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, where graffiti removal and sidewalk sweeping became second nature. Before working for the BIZ groups, Derek dedicated over 15 years to operating a small organic dairy and mixed farm, where he learned the value of hard work and commitment. Now Derek juggles the mentorship and supervision of foot patrols and maintenance crew with image project planning and event orchestration.

Manager: Marketing, Communications & Events

Karen Kornelsen

When Karen Kornelsen’s not out in the Exchange meeting business owners, welcoming newcomers and promoting events like First Fridays in the Exchange, she is hard at work promoting the District to the world. Whether it’s marketing, advertising, social media, blogging, event planning or managing a great team of tour guides, Karen has the best interests of the Exchange at heart. She is passionate about the District and bringing the neighbourhood to the next level.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Nicholas Friesen

With a background in journalism, filmmaking, marketing, and event management, Nicholas Friesen brings a unique mix of knowledge and experience to his position with the Exchange District BIZ. Having acted as a participant and promoter of the arts for over a decade, he has immersed himself in the city’s thriving creative scene by covering events and artists for street weeklies and radio, while also participating as a musician and video artist. As an “organized creative” he is excited to assist the people of the Exchange in bringing their ideas and stories to the rest of the city and beyond.

Exchange Patrols

  • Chris J
  • Paul
  • Roderick
  • Ryan
  • Shannyn
  • Stephanie

Maintenance Team

  • Tanner
  • Kelsey